Proteus and Orpheus paraded in Uptown Feb. 12


Orpheus' Leviathan float breathes smoke.
  • Orpheus' Leviathan float breathes smoke.

The krewes of Proteus and Orpheus paraded in Uptown with traditional flambeaux and floats covered in paper flowers.
The king of Proteus sits in a shell throne.
  • The king of Proteus sits in a shell throne.

Proteus' "Les Graces des Dieux Pour la Nouvelle Orleans" ("The Graces of the Gods for New Orleans") parade featured gods from religions around the globe, and most of the theme floats were decorated with the flowers of the regions where the float subject originated. The Javanese figure Dewi Sri was on a float with sheathes of wheat, a symbol of immortality. Ebisu, the Japanese god of fisherman and luck, was represented by a boat with an Asian dragon on the front. Ostara, a pagan goddess of spring, was surrounded by butterflies, orchids and irises. A Phoenix was on a float covered in paper flames coming off the sides of the float. The Native American fertility figure, Kokopelli was on a float with cacti and corn stalks. The Voodoo figure Baron Samedi was on a purple float covered with skeletons. Two floats featured the figures of other Carnival krewes, Oshun and Comus. All of the floats had vibrant sculpted figures and bouncing paper ornaments. It was one of the prettiest processions in Carnival.
Dewi Sri is the Javanese god of fertility.
  • Dewi Sri is the Javanese god of fertility.

The parade had a dozen marching bands, including Warren Easton Charter High School, Sophie B. Wright High School, Roots of Music, West Jefferson High School, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter High School, McKinley Senior High School from Baton Rouge and others.

Orpheus' parade also makes heavy use of flowers and the decorations extend all the way around the floats. Many floats have large sculptural props on the back.

The theme from children's literature, "The Folly of Astoroth," was illustrated with many whimsical sculptures in bright colors surrounded by clusters of flowers and paper ornaments. Astoroth the sorcerer was the first theme float, and what followed were animal creatures from his imaginative world. On the gruesome "Animals Rebel" float, a giant ape held a severed head. In "Sailing to Naboombu," a tiny ark carried giraffes and elephants. There also was a giant octopus serving as a jazz band with tentacles holding different instruments. On the "Where pigs fly" float, a pig rides the gondola of a hot air balloon, and on the back of the float, a large propeller plane flew. Other figures included insects riding on rabbits, elephants drinking tea, frog princes, lion kings and more.
The frightening front of Orpheus' "The Animals Rebel" float.
  • The frightening front of Orpheus' "The Animals Rebel" float.

Orpheus celebrates its musical concept, and Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews rode one float. Krewe co-founder Harry Connick Jr. rode his own float.
The lineup of nearly 20 marching bands included units from Talladega College, Mississippi Valley State University, St. Augustine High School's Marching 100, At. Mary's Academy, Belaire High School in Baton Rouge, and the alumni band of the Madison Scouts from Madison Wisconsin.


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