A new inclusive dance party series debuts at Dragon's Den Feb. 3



A new monthly “positive-based” dance party debuts at the Dragon’s Den Feb. 3, adding to the New Orleans area’s small constellation of inclusivity-minded underground music listening parties for a growing network of up-and-coming DJs and producers.

Hope Building A is helmed by producers Ryan Clarke and James Prudhomme, whose Suicideyear dropped acclaimed EPs Remembrance and Hate Songs and brought a renewed focus to Louisiana and its young, sprawling hip-hop and electronic music production.

The events aspire to replicate intimate and “endearing, not trying to be cool, not trying to do this party because it’s the cool place to be” house parties while “trying to push this idea of a very inclusive space,” particularly for women of color and queer artists, Clarke says.

“That also manifests itself in being welcoming to everybody, and doing my very best to not impose this idea of ‘gatekeeping,’" Clarke says. “I’m a fan of seeing people, my friends, enjoy themselves, and I want to build a space for that.”

DJs and producers in the inaugural lineup include Clarke, DJ Asics, Lafayette producer Sensitive Jock and Kounip, with music potentially spanning house cuts, ghettotech, garage, deep disco and ‘80s R&B, “the type of music my mom put on to dance around the house,” Clarke says.

“This is a box we can add to,” he says. “Take out what we don’t like and actively experiment with something else.”

Hope Building A is co-hosted by Mid City Pizza and Cold Cuts Productions. It begins 10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 3 at Dragon’s Den (435 Esplanade Ave.). Free admission.

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