Civic Theatre adds second Tom Segura show


Tom Segura performs Sept. 28-29. - COURTESY CIVIC THEATRE
  • Tom Segura performs Sept. 28-29.
Stand-up comedian Tom Segura's September show at the Civic Theatre sold out within hours of it being announced this week. Not too bad for a comic who dumped on all of Louisiana in his latest Netflix special, Disgraceful.

The Civic has added a second show. He's at the theater Sept. 28-29. Tickets are $34.50-$55.

In Disgraceful, Segura — a comedian who writes jokes, and who is joking when he tells them — jokes about hating everyone, leading up to his pitch for the U.S. to build a wall around Louisiana, then lobbing up a couple questionable Cajun accents. He told CONAN host Conan O'Brien last night that he has since received a ton of hate mail, and on Twitter, his announcement of a New Orleans show days after the release of the special had people asking whether he's sure he's even allowed entry.

One Acadiana outlet asked the perennial post-controversy question, "Did they go too far?"

"It was a joke?" Segura told O'Brien. "Do you understand the context? Our current administration wants to build a wall to keep people out of 'shithole' countries. I'm just saying, let's build a wall around a shithole state." (He also told Splitsider, for anyone who truly didn't understand, "It’s not real. I don’t really hate you. It’s just a form of exaggeration. When that doesn’t register you’re like, 'How does that not register?'")

O'Brien plugged his New Orleans show, laughing, "Well, we won't be seeing you again."

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