New Orleans rapper 3D Na'Tee stars in documentary series exploring career in hip-hop


3D Na'Tee's documentary series Uptown Butterfly is streaming via WAV. - COURTESY WAV
  • 3D Na'Tee's documentary series Uptown Butterfly is streaming via WAV.

New Orleans rapper 3D Na'Tee made waves with her mammoth 2012 mixtape The Coronation and last year's acclaimed full-length followup The Regime. She also has landed new media and management deals with Def Jam and Timbaland's Mosley Music Group.

But she hasn't made a national breakthrough from independent star to household name. A new documentary series 3D Na’Tee: Uptown Butterfly from WAV Media chronicles her career in New Orleans and uncovers her "harrowing journey through the hip-hop industry — from her humble beginnings, to ghost-writing chart-topping hits, to her future plans to conquer the industry by staying one step ahead as a rapper, writer, director, and entrepreneur," according to WAV.

Uptown Butterfly is streaming exclusively via WAV, a partner with Sony Music’s The Orchard.

“I feel like New Orleans is a place drenched in culture. It’s soaked in passion. There are creatives all around but many times I see them leave to get discovered," Na'Tee said in a statement to Gambit. "I struggle with that. Am I here in vain? Am I doing the right thing by remaining independent? I’ve been able to fatten up my bank account by selling my music outside of city limits (sold out shows in Berlin, Paris, London, etc.) and ghost writing for artists who benefit from my experiences, the very experiences I’ve had in my city. Elsewhere they value my story so much... I just want to be the beautiful butterfly that reminds the caterpillars that there is something greater... Not the one who flies away never to be seen again.”

Watch the trailer, which premiered on Offbeat, below.

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