Caravan Stage Company opens Nomadic Tempest Friday



Caravan Stage Company has delayed the local opening of Nomadic Tempest until Friday.

The company lives and performs on its boat, the Amara Zee. Nomadic Tempest debuted in St. Petersburg, Florida April 4. The company was supposed to sail to New Orleans and open the show May 11, but rough weather in the Gulf of Mexico forced delays. The ship is at Pontchartain Landing, where performances will start at 9 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

Caravan Stage Company was founded in the early 1970s in western Canada as a troupe that traveled by horse-drawn wagons and performed original works in tents. It later switched to traveling and working on a replica of a Thames River sailing barge, a flat-bottomed boat that can access shallow ports and river docks. The Amara Zee registered Lafitte, Louisiana as its home port. It developed its pirate-themed show Hacked there in 2013-2014.

Nomadic Tempest follows the plights of four displaced monarch butterflies. It's a story about global climate change. The production incorporates aerialists, singers, large-scale video and light projections and more. The company performs on the riggings of the Amara Zee and projects lights on a scrim hung in front of the boat.

Following performances in New Orleans, Caravan Stage performs in Beaumont, Texas and travels to Vancouver, Canada.

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