Premiere: Listen to "Español" from New Orleans rock band Skelatin


Skelatin's These Living Rooms is out March 3. - ERIK SKRAMSTAD
  • Skelatin's These Living Rooms is out March 3.

New Orleans rock band Skelatin releases These Living Rooms March 3. Listen to the single "Español" — a classic case of a quiet-loud power-pop earworm — below.

Bassist and vocalist Sam Levine says most of the songs on the album "existed for a long time as sketches in my head or partial arrangements, with lyrics, melodies, and progressions I knew I wanted to hear but not how or where to use them," gradually revealing themselves through working with guitarist Corey DiBiase. "I write a lot of clumsy guitar parts which he’s somehow able to translate into really interesting performances," Levine says.

"Español," Levine says, "is a quirky song I had conceived during a period when I felt disillusioned about dating and love."

"This tune owes a lot to my nostalgic appreciation of the pop-punk and emo music that I grew up loving," he says. "The verse riff could've been lifted from The Ramones' catalog, but we loved the way it sounded punctuating every line with power chords, before setting up for the loftier chorus harmonies."

The band's album release show is 10 p.m. Friday, March 3 at Siberia with Rareluth and dusty_tupelo + the family band.

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