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Black Indians, also known as Mardi Gras Indians, are scurrying around like mad men right now getting ready for The Big Day — Feb. 28, 2017 — or as we call it here, Fat Tuesday. Sewing and meeting and practicing chants and just.... its crazy-making time as all the tribes are putting the last minute touches, working round the clock, to get their legendary new suits ready for Mardi Gras morning.

One of the ways how our Big Chiefs prep is by hosting practice around the city in neighborhood bars on Sunday evenings, long after the second line is over. They collect in beloved dives in the hood with tambourines, drums, and warmed-up voices to sing together in circle, chant their beautiful raps, legendary put-downs, declarations and authoritative orders to each other and the crowds. Its a beautiful ritual, not much different than a good ole church service where practitioners and their supporters and admirers leave feeling warm and filled up with the Holy Spirit!

Below is a list of Sunday night practices, free and open to the public, where one can go and enjoy the revelry and prep going on in Indian land around the city as we prepare for the largest free party in the U.S. of A. HALLELUJAH!

(list of locales and other info below the jump!)



6:30 p.m. at Basin St. Lounge (1600 Basin St.): Yellow Pocahontas hosted by Big Chief Darryl Montana

7 p.m. at Ramsey’s Place (1300 Nunez St., Algiers): Mohawk Hunters hosted by Big Chief Tyrone Casby

7:30 p.m. at First Stop Bar & Lounge (1842 Pauger St.): hosted by Big Chief Pie
and the Monogram Hunters

9 p.m. at Brandy’s Bar (2126 A.P. Tureau): hosted by Big Chief War, War Tribe

9 p.m. at Handa Wanda Unified Indian Practice (2415 Dryades St.): hosted by Spy Boy Honey

* Times and locale for all Indian practices are subject to change

* Check back for additions to the list as we uncover more Big Chiefs hosting their practices around the city in anticipation of Mardi Gras 2017

* Many thanks to Ariana Hall, CTC Steppers Diva 2017, for essential updated information and edits!


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