At least no one has done this to a New Orleans water meter cover



New Orleans' iconic "Ford Wabash" water meter covers — with their distinctive crescent moon and star pattern — are so beautiful they're sold on eBay, stolen by thieves, made into prints, crafts, jewelry and photos, turned into charms, made into cuff links, turned into garden ornaments and sold as rugs, among many other artsy-craftsy things.

People love them — but not as much as this man in England, who was caught making sweet love to his local water meter cover in the middle of the day on a busy street:
The accused, Florin Grosu, 33, of Romford, was being hunted by cops as of Thursday night after snubbing yesterday’s hearing.

Magistrates in London’s Barkingside district issued an arrest warrant when he failed to show.

Grosu, thought to be Romanian, is charged with outraging public decency by simulating sex with a drain cover.

He is also charged with exposing his genitals to cause distress or alarm and criminal damage to a police cell mattress.

He faces six months’ jail if guilty.
Even New Orleanians don't love our water meter covers that much.

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