Landrieu talks crime and immigration on FOX News


Mayor Mitch Landrieu. - CHERYL GERBER
  • Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

As a national hysteria over "sanctuary cities" reaches a hostile White House, Mayor Mitch Landrieu appeared on FOX News with Tucker Carlson Feb. 6, for some reason, as Carlson predictably tried to tie the city's crime rate to people living in the country illegally while accusing New Orleans of harboring immigrants from federal authorities. Carlson — permanently wearing an "I want to speak to your manager" expression — essentially forced Landrieu to conflate the two issues while insulting him.

"How is this policy protecting the people of your city, exactly?" asked Carlson, turning the issue of "illegal immigration" into one that's about New Orleans' crime. "Why would we be taking crime advice from the mayor of a city with a real crime problem that appears to be getting a lot worse?"

Landrieu said Donald Trump's order to deputize local cops to carry out federal duties (under threat of losing federal funding) is "going to push all these individuals into the shadows, and it's going to make it hard for us to solve crimes for everybody, especially if you take money away from us."

"If you can find anybody in America that has definitively found the answer to young kids killing young kids over inconsequential things, who don't have a job, who don't have an appropriate education — we need to make a huge investment in those kinds of things, and not let it get caught up in the issue of immigration," Landrieu said.

Carlson then laughed and said, "Maybe they are tied," then pointed to Los Angeles, which is not New Orleans, and asked about Landrieu's response to Trump's order, which Landrieu called  "un-American and un-Christian." Then in a remarkably ironic twist for FOX News, Carlson, having failed to yield a satisfactory answer about crime and his insistence that it is being committed by immigrants, asked Landrieu whether he believes government officials should be drafting policies based on whether they're Christian.

"That sounds like something the pope would say," Carlson said. "You're a mayor. Do you think about the policies of New Orleans through the lens of whether or not they're Christian, and should you?"

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of New Orleans Christians said they don't support Trump's immigration order.

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