Congressman Breesus? U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham volunteers to chair Drew Brees' (as yet nonexistent) political campaign


  • Congressman Breesus?

U.S. Sen. Drew Brees? Louisiana State Rep. Drew Brees?

Gov. No. 9?

Congressman Breesus?

For years now, there's been speculation that the New Orleans Saints quarterback might be interested in a post-football career that consists of something besides repping sandwiches for a guy who would do something like this a well-known sandwich chain. TMZ Sports asked Brees this morning about the possibility of a political career, and here's what No. 9 said:
"It won't be the first thing I do. But I'm not gonna rule it out."
That got the notice of 5th District Congressman Ralph Abraham (described by TMZ as "one of Louisiana's most powerful politicians") — enough for him to issue a statement to TMZ:
"Drew Brees led the Saints to a Super Bowl win; he can lead our nation to prosperity," Abraham told TMZ Sports in a statement.

"I’ll even chair his campaign in the 24 parishes I represent."

He added, "In all seriousness, I don’t know what Drew’s politics are, but it doesn’t matter."
Like Abraham, Brees is a registered Republican, according to the Louisiana Secretary of State's voter database,

But who says Candidate Brees would necessarily run in Louisiana? He does, after all, own a house in Del Mar, California, just north of San Diego.

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