Did the Pelicans poach the King Cake Baby Twitter account?



Who is King Cake Baby? What is King Cake Baby? I first watched King Cake Baby at a then-New Orleans Hornets game, racing around the court on a Razor scooter, a Carnivalesque ghoul of a babylike manthing with a permanently open-mouthed grin. The intentionally designed horrorshow of a second tier mascot was revealed in 2015 to be an Old World-inspired marionette-like creation (named, in its tragic birth, "Babycakes"), and its viral nightmare was no accident.

Aside from the online townspeople killing it with fire, the actual King Cake Baby lived a relatively quiet life on the internet. (Even in public, it's more of a shy Burger King "Sneak King" but one that's very much a baby.) Deadspin, SB Nation, Bleacher Report and dozens of writers and blogs happily ruined everyone's days with playful screeds against the biggest baby in basketball.

Meanwhile, a one-year-old @KingCakeBaby account gently gave a voice to the giant baby. The man behind @KingCakeBaby was ESPN/TrueHoop's Bourbon Street Shots writer Mason Ginsberg. It had a modest following, with a big boost leading up to Carnival (and after a retweet from ESPN's Zach Lowe). But just days after the beginning of 2017's Carnival season — following a viral Uber king cake delivery to begin the annual season of terror for a reawakened King Cake Baby — the account was suspended. Ginsberg was locked out of the account. All of @KingCakeBaby's tweets disappeared.
Then this happened:
On Monday, Jan. 9, @KingCakeBaby reappeared on Twitter — under the ownership of the New Orleans Pelicans. Pelicans social media manager Alex Restrepo told Vocativ's Robert Silverman that the team "asked Twitter for the name @KingCakeBaby since that’s the mascot’s name and that account was impersonating our mascot."

"Twitter allows parody accounts when the accounts states in the handle or bio that it’s a parody account,” Restrepo said. “This account did not.”

There are several King Cake Baby-inspired accounts that, like Ginsberg's, are not marked as parody, but "@KingCakeBaby" was too good to pass up. Ginsberg declined to comment on the poach to Gambit; on Twitter, he said he would gladly have given the coveted handle to the team if they had asked.

The new @KingCakeBaby has not addressed its former life, even manipulating his coworkers into believing the baby thinks Twitter is a bird.

The Pelicans host a King Cake Baby bobblehead night on Jan. 29.

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