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Zapruder Film Festival: Suddenly



Spend a few moments with the staff of Harry Anderson's new venture, Oswald's Speakeasy, and you can catch a glimpse of the famous comedian/magician's magic. Basically, he has many of his charges all charged up with his encyclopedic knowledge of culture -- basically that of the lower kind. His passion for offbeat film shines in his new act, "Wise Guy," in which his riff on the geek character from the film noir classic Nightmare Alley certainly sent me running to finally crack open my copy of the new DVD release. So it goes with Anderson's gradually developing repertoire at Oswald's, which includes his Zapruder Film Festival. And if you think the names "Oswald" and "Zapruder" speak to a trend, check out the film series' opening salvo: 1954's Suddenly, starring Frank Sinatra and about an assassination attempt on the president. Supposedly when Sinatra learned that New Orleans' own Lee Harvey Oswald watched the film before his little date with destiny, Sinatra had the movie pulled from circulation. See below for this week's schedule.

3:30 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday, July 13-17; ongoing

Oswald's Speakeasy, 1331 Decatur St., 218-5954


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