Writers on the Storm

Forced to evacuate when Katrina flooded New Orleans, Gambit Weekly staffers and contributors went to work where they could -- except for one, who found herself fighting for her newborn child's life.


Like so many other New Orleanians, Gambit Weekly writers and editors evacuated to far-flung places throughout Louisiana and the rest of the country -- wondering when (or if) they would be able to return home. While the paper's owners, Margo and Clancy DuBos, planned its return to print, our staff and freelancers did what came naturally: they went to work for other alternative newsweeklies and whatever other publications they could contact.

But Katrina did more than just displace them physically. It forced them to look at the biggest story of their careers -- and their roles as journalists -- in a vastly different way. They were not just observers of the story; they also were part of it -- as affected by Katrina as every storm survivor they interviewed. This time, it really was personal.

Now, weeks later, the results of their efforts have inspired this week's cover. The stories below are but a sampling of their fine work. Others are noted at the end of these stories, and all are available on-line. Each appears here through the generosity of the writers and the publications that benefited so greatly from their labors.

Some of the articles have been edited for space. Links to online versions of other works by staffers and contributors are provided at the end of this package.


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