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Dardenne's Purple Pen


  Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne was named a "State Republican Official to Watch in 2013" by the website, which also pointed out a curious line on Dardenne's resume: He has placed several times in the annual Bulwer-Lytton Contest in which participants compete to write the worst possible opening for a novel.

  The website reprinted Dardenne's 2005 entry in its entirety: "Falcon was her name and she was quite the bird of prey, sashaying past her adolescent admirers from one anchor store to another, past the kiosks where earrings longed to lie upon her lobes and sunglasses hoped to nestle on her nose, seemingly the beginning of a beautiful friendship with whomsoever caught the eye of the mall tease, Falcon." The Mall of Louisiana, perhaps? — Kevin Allman

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