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Searching for labels is always a dubious endeavor in the world of art, especially when it comes to more modern forms. But Matt Dukes Jordan has bravely attempted to find the connective tissue among the many subgenres he explores in Weirdo Deluxe: The Wild World of Pop Surrealism & Lowbrow Art . These two labels suggest a wide range of modern art forms, as pop culture, street culture, pop art and surrealism mix and match to form everything from kitsch and retro to fringe, biker and graffiti art. It's a gloriously open-ended, egalitarian world where everything seems possible even if the tongue invariably feels stuck in cheek. Plenty of local artists can relate to this collection, and many will be on hand for the touring exhibition featuring work from Jordan's book. The author will be available to sign copies of the book. Free admission.

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