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Wobbling through Fat Tuesday

Mayor busts a move and parties until Mardi Gras is Over

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  Perhaps no one was more visible on Mardi Gras than Mayor Mitch Landrieu, whose zest for the holiday was apparent. He rode a dappled horse in the Krewe of Zulu parade on Fat Tuesday before going to Gallier Hall, where — in accordance with tradition — he toasted both Zulu and Rex from the viewing stands.

  Landrieu busted a not-so-traditional move in the stands later that day by donning a Batman mask, which he removed when he broke into a spirited version of the Wobble, a contemporary line dance with some resemblance to the Hustle. The mayor — dressed all in black with a string of beads — shook it down to Atlanta rapper V.I.C.'s "Wobble," high-fiving a nearby child who doubled over in laughter.

  In the evening, Landrieu appeared in formal attire during a WYES-TV telecast of the meeting of the courts of Rex and Comus, during which he revealed he had slipped up that morning by referring to "King Rex" — a redundancy — rather than "Rex, King of Carnival." (Landrieu explained he grew up in Broadmoor, not among Uptown high society.)

  Finally, the mayor — back in black — rode a white steed down Bourbon Street at midnight, following police and sheriffs who drove and walked down the street, symbolically ending Fat Tuesday for another year. — KEVIN ALLMAN


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