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Withdrawal symptoms

Minyard, Stone leave races shortly after qualifying



  Soon after qualifying closed for the Feb. 1 municipal elections, two prominent candidates announced they had changed their minds about running. Dr. Frank Minyard, who was seeking an 11th term as Orleans Parish Coroner, withdrew from the race Dec. 23, endorsing Deputy Coroner Jeffrey Rouse over the other candidates, Drs. Dwight McKenna and Vincent Culotta.

  The same day, Reid Stone, one of two Republicans in the race for the District A City Council seat, withdrew and threw his support to Drew Ward, the other Republican in that contest. In a statement, Stone said, "'Republican' has become a term that warrants rebranding, but my focus on poverty and Drew's community involvement demonstrate a new face of what it means to be a Republican in New Orleans and what it means to put service above politics."

  Ward will face incumbent Susan Guidry, as well as David Capasso, Jason Coleman and Stephen Gordon. Gordon has no political party; the others are Democrats.

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