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Wine of the Week


Whether you're looking for an under-$15 Mardi Gras bargain wine or an opulent dinner vintage to pair with steak or veal chops, this wine answers the call. Argentina excels in wines made from Malbec, a French blending grape that is inordinately more successful there than in its native Bordeaux. Argentine Malbec can produce wines of great structure and power yet with a compelling freshness and accessibility — like this one. Aged one year, half in French oak, half in American oak, the wine offers aromas of plum, berry and chocolate with ripe plum, black cherry, raspberry and spice flavors. It's smooth and medium-bodied with a food-friendly acidity and soft tannins.Drink it with barbecue, burgers or lamb chops. Where to buy it: Swirl and Partysist. Where to drink it: Sucré, Allegro Bistro and Andrea's. (Listings current at press time.)

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