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Wine of the Week


As Champagne corks pop this holiday season, millions of tiny bubbles captivate revelers enjoying the world's most festive beverage. A blend of 35 percent Pinot Noir, 40 percent Pinot Meuniere and 25 percent Chardonnay, Perrier-JouÉt strikes the perfect balance between finesse and complexity. Aromas of white peaches, baked goods, citrus and floral notes lead into pear, mango, lime and butterscotch flavors with a touch of mineralilty and some spice on the lengthy finish. It's a wonderful wine to drink by itself or match with food such as foie gras, smoked salmon, raw oysters or lobster. Where to buy it: Most Rouses and Winn-Dixies, Hopper's Wines and Spirits, The Wine Seller, Prytania Liquor Store, all Breaux Marts, Dorignac's, Langenstein's, Martin Wine Cellar in Metairie and Acquistapace's Covington Supermarket. Where to drink it: Herbsaint, Restaurant August, Antoine's, Peristyle and Emeril's. (Listings current at press time.)

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