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Amarone, produced since Roman times, is made using an ancient method of semi-drying the harvested grapes for three or four months. During the drying process, the grapes develop a higher concentration of sugar and an intensity of flavor. Produced from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, the wine ages for 20 to 30 months in both large and small French and Slavonian oak casks. This well-structured and full-bodied wine has ripe red fruit aromas that yield to plum and black cherry with raisin and spice notes on the palate. ItÕs good with roasted or grilled meats, game, aged cheeses and also is an excellent after-dinner wine. Where to buy it: Most Sav-A-Centers, ElioÕs Wine Warehouse, Vieux Carre Wine and Spirits, DorignacÕs and AcquistapaceÕs Covington Supermarket. Where to drink it: PascalÕs Manale, VincentÕs Uptown, Eleven 79, TommyÕs Wine Bar, Old Absinthe House, ImpastatoÕs Restaurant, MoscaÕs near Avondale and NuvolariÕs in Covington. (Listings current at press time.)


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