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Wine of the Week


Although a challenge to pronounce, this label from Spain's tiniest authorized wine region in Basque country just west of San Sebastian is well worth the effort. Delicious, lighthearted and evenly balanced, the wine is well suited for spring-into-summer weather and tapas and seafood pairings. Whether it's called "Choc-o-lina" or "Cha-ko-lee," the wine reflects a simple, yet vibrant style with its spritzy, tart tickle on the palate. Made primarily from the white grape Hondarribi Zuri, refreshing aromas of citrus with floral and mineral notes are followed by crisp, zesty flavors of lemon, lime and grapefruit. Good with grilled fish, oysters, scallops, salads, crabs, crawfish and shrimp. Where to buy it: Bacchanal, Martin Wine Cellars Uptown, Metairie and in Mandeville. Where to drink it: RioMar, Bayona, Pelican Club and Delachaise. (Listings current at press time.)

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