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Wine of the Week


South Africa's three centuries of winemaking survived political upheavals, industry meltdowns and devastating disease to reach its current place as the world's seventh-leading wine-producing area. The country's signature red grape, Pinotage, was genetically developed 80 years ago by crossing Cinsault, a southern Rhone blending varietal, with Pinot Noir. In the hands of a good producer, Pinotage wines, such as Serengeti, can show some tasty varietal character and complexity. This full-bodied wine, half fermented in tanks and half in French oak, offers ripe, dark fruit aromas followed by red and black raspberry and spicy plum flavors with peppery undertones, supple tannins and a smooth finish. Enjoy with barbecue, salami and smoked sausage, curried dishes, steak au poivre and roasted game. Where to buy it: Acquistapace's Covington Super Market and Hugh's Wine Cellar in Mandeville. Where to drink it: Fire A Restaurant (Listings current at press time.)

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