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Wine of the Week


Rioja's three-tier classification system ranks Gran Reservas at the top of the quality and aging chain, followed by Reservas, with the youngest, most accessible and vibrantly flavored wines, Crianzas, rounding out the list. Made from 100 percent Tempranillo and aged 14 months in French oak, this vividly hued wine exhibits intense, jammy red fruit aromas with woody nuances. On the palate, fully ripened dark fruit, dominated by blackberry, plum and black cherry flavors with smooth tannins and a supple texture, add to the wine's complexity. A good pairing with tapas, grilled and roasted meats, fowl and game. Available at both Whole Foods Markets, Cork & Bottle, Sidney's Wine Cellar, Lakeview Fine Foods, Dorignac's and Cost Plus World Markets. (Store listings current at press time.)

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