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Madame Cliquot, Veuve Cliquot's Grand Dame, became a widow ("veuve" in French) in 1805 and at 27 took the company reins, developing and incorporating many enhancements in Champagne production. Although Yellow Label and Grand Dame are better known, Demi-Sec is a worthy complement to the house style. Slightly less dry than Brut, the wine is a blend of predominantly black grapes with Chardonnay and reserve wines. Decanting the wine -- as practiced by Madame Cliquot, opens the wine up, exhibiting its freshness and delightful flavors. Good as an aperitif or with desserts such as fruit tarts, mousses and creme brulee. Available at Cork & Bottle, Vieux Carre Wine and Spirits, Martin Wine Cellars and Acquistapace's and Hugh's in Covington.

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