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German wine labels can cause a look of confusion on novice wine buyers' faces faster than you can say "trockenbeerenauslese." For this wine, the distinction "Qualitaetswein mit Pradikat" (quality wine with particular attributes) on the label indicates the highest level of German wine. Of the five grades of Pradikat wines, Kabinett is the lightest style, often showing great elegance and finesse. Normal harvests for Kabinett wines mean fully ripened grapes, yet drier, less fruity wines. Schloss Vollrads, one of the Rhinegau's greatest estates with perhaps the world's longest tradition of winemaking (since 1211), is planted exclusively with Germany's noble Riesling grape. Crisp, clean and racy with a perfect balance between acidity and natural residual sugar. Good with seafood, poultry, salads and light dishes. Available at Elio's Wine Warehouse, The Wine Seller and Dorignac's.

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