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Nicholas Catena and his vineyard management team have spent the past 20 years studying the various microclimates and testing countless numbers of varietals and clones throughout his mountain vineyard sites in Mendoza in central Argentina. In-depth findings indicate that the same varietals and even the same clone presented truly distinct aromatic and flavor profiles when grown in different microclimates. Implementing the ages-old "art of assemblage," Catena blended separate lots of the same varietal sourced from three separate vineyards to produce a more intense and interesting wine. Ripe blackberry and cherry aromas and flavors with spice notes and a hint of black pepper. A full-bodied, well-structured wine with soft, sweet tannins. Good with smoked meats, full-flavored cheeses. Available at the Whole Foods Market Uptown location, Dorignac's and Hugh's Wine Cellar in Covington.

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