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The mystery of the Zinfandel grape's origins -- adopted by Americans as a "native" grape since its initial plantings in California during the Gold Rush days -- were solved this past year when University of California-Davis researchers learned the grape was one-and-the-same as an indigenous Croatian varietal. But that hasn't stopped U.S. winemakers from celebrating Zin as the country's signature grape. Expressions of the fruit vary by region and vineyard, and by viticultural and vinification techniques. This wine offers aromas of currants, blackberry and a hint of pepper, followed by lush raspberries, plums, black cherries and a touch of French oak on the palate. Good with barbecue, burgers, Cajun cuisine and roast meats. Available at Sav-A-Centers on Tchoupitoulas Street, Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Clearview Parkway and two Mandeville locations, Dorignac's and Elio's Wine Warehouse.

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