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A sometime-Bordeaux blending grape primarily grown in Cahors in southwestern France, Malbec grows much more successfully in Argentina than it does in France. Grapes for this wine, from the country's most important wine region, Mendoza (east of Buenos Aries), grow at an elevation of 3,600 feet among the foothills of the snowcapped Andes. Burnt cherries, cedar, a touch of allspice and eucalyptus aromas fuse with black currant and plum in this dense, velvety, well-structured wine. Good with garlic-roasted chicken, grilled sausage, pork tenderloin, burgers and other meats. Available at Dorignac's, The Wine Seller, Martin Wine Cellar, Breaux Mart in Metairie, Albertson's in Gretna, and Hugh's Wine Cellar and Wine Down in Mandeville.

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