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Wine of the week: 2015 Arca Nova Vinho Verde rose



Minho, Portugal

Retail $10-$11

In Portugal, the Douro River draws most of the wine world's attention, but the Minho — both a river and region — also is worthy of consideration. In the Minho region, Vinho Verde, which is both a place and a wine style, is a traditional vintage that's moderate on alcohol content and normally has light carbonic spritziness. Arca Nova's rose is a fine presentation of the espadeiro grape, which is actually a family of closely related grapes. The winemaking team at Quinta das Arcas monitors more than 500 acres of vineyards, and grapes are harvested manually. Fruit is vinified in small stainless steel containers and slowly fermented at a low temperature. For the rose, there is brief contact with grape skins during fermentation. The almost iridescent wine has flavors of strawberry, raspberry and lime. There is light carbonation, balanced acidity and a tinge of fruit sweetness. Drink it as an appertif or with barbecue, grilled meats, salads, seafood, vegetables, fruits and cheese. Buy it at: Philippe's Wine Cellar, Pearl Wine Co. and Faubourg Wines. Drink it at: Kingfish, Oxalis and the Pontchartrain Hotel.

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