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Wine of the week: 2013 Affinities Furmint

Tokaj, Hungary



Retail $15-$17

Tokaj, one of Hungary's northeastern wine regions, produces many sweet dessert wines, but it also makes this semi-dry blend. Shielded by the Carpathian Mountains, the region's soils are a hodgepodge of volcanic clays on hillsides, with layers of loess and other sedimentary soils. Grapes for this wine were sourced from vines more than 30 years old. The Furmint grape has changed the modern style of Tokaj, a name for the wine and region. Furmint is high in acidity and sugar levels, which contribute to the wine's aging potential. For this vintage, a small quantity of harslevelu, the region's second-most planted grape, adds depth. Hand-picked fruit was fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. A portion of the Furmint was aged on its lees in one-year-old oak barrels. On the nose, the wine has a trademark peach bouquet, along with floral notes and hints of passion fruit. On the palate, taste minerality, ripe fruit, spice and a vibrant acidic finish. Serve slightly chilled to enjoy the full spectrum of flavors and complexity. Drink it with foie gras, sauteed fish, baked chicken, roast pork, grilled vegetables, spicy dishes and light desserts. Buy it at: Brady's Wine Warehouse and Poeyfarre Market.

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