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Whose 'life' is it, anyway?

... Depends on Your Definition


  Louisiana was named America's "Most Pro-Life State" by Americans United for Life (AUL), a Washington D.C. anti-abortion group. In a statement, spokesperson Charmaine Yoest noted, "While the 'Life List' notes legislative accomplishments from the previous year, it also takes into account each state's cumulative record in defending and protecting the lives of their citizens — from conception to natural death."

  The group's designation, however, runs counter to state life expectancy data for Louisiana. In 2006, the Harvard School of Public Health rated Louisiana No. 49 in life expectancy (behind Mississippi), while last year the financial news site 24/7 Wall St. named Louisiana No. 2 in a list of "States Dying For Health Coverage." Both rankings were issued before Gov. Bobby Jindal announced his intention to reject setting up a state health exchange under the terms of the Affordable Care Act. — KEVIN ALLMAN

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