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Who's Calling, Please?


  Although state lawmakers technically can call themselves into special session, it rarely happens. Typically, the governor gets the Legislature to meet outside its regular schedule — and lawmakers often grumble during those gatherings that the governor, not them, sets the agenda. Well, if Rep. Kirk Talbot, R-River Ridge, has his druthers, it could soon become easier for lawmakers to convene a special session. His House Bill 39 would allow lawmakers to pass around more than one petition for signatures. "I just want to make it easier for us to call a special session on our own," Talbot says. He adds that he's still working on the language, but also wants his bill to allow a resolution to start on either floor so legislators can vote themselves into a special session as well. When asked if there's a particular need for a special session, Talbot responded that there is no hidden agenda. "But I suspect we may need a special session next year to address redistricting," he says. On whether this could give way to lawmakers abusing the system for special sessions, Talbot laughs. "You know, maybe I ought to actually make it harder to call a special session," he says. — Alford

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