Who Said It In Gambit Weekly?


You talked; we listened. This year, it was our job to interview students, activists, musicians, politicians and a host of other New Orleans newsmakers. Now it's your job to try to match the quotable with the quote. All answers come from 2004 issues of Gambit Weekly. If you get stumped, turn the page upside-down for the answers.


1. 'Down here, a band member is looked at as better than an athlete. In other places, if you¹re in the band, you¹re a geek.'

2. 'No liquor license, no insurance, no security. Totally, like, stupid. Five hundred people started showing up to these things, and it got really risky. It¹s a six-story place, someone throws a two-by-four out the window, and it hits someone in the head. Stuff like that started happening. We knew that if we wanted to get bigger, we had to go legal.'

3. '[My acting teacher] got really down and dirty with me. And he said, ŒHit me!¹ I just froze. He was serious, but I¹ve never hit anyone in my life. And I couldn¹t hit him.'

4. 'You file into a big kitchen and they put out a home-cooked meal and all these girls in lingerie and bikinis and slut clothes and makeup all sit down and eat -- it¹s bizarre. It¹s the closest thing to a family I¹ve ever had.'

5. '[Earl White] was one of those guys you know is conning you but you like him anyway. He was always about perception. What people think they see isn¹t necessarily what¹s there. We didn¹t have any money but we always looked like it. If we had four people in the band, the stage was set up for eight. We¹d set up equipment we didn¹t even use.'

6. 'I said I thought we should stay and fight but that the war was illegal. Then my history teacher got up and told the rest of the class to disregard everything I had just said. That was a turning point for me. I became a skeptic of everything and a nuisance in the back of the class.'

7. 'My whole plan was to open up until I got drunk enough that I couldn¹t run the bar anymore. I wanted to Œ86¹ people, but I didn¹t do it that night that I remember. I do remember yelling loudly that every motherf--ker who has a car is going to take another motherf--ker and we¹re all going to f--kin¹ go out to Eunice and we¹re all going to show support. I turned down the stereo and yelled, ŒWe¹re all f--kin¹ going!¹'

8. 'People always said she couldn¹t win, but today we call her Governor Blanco. You don¹t see her coming. That¹s the opponent you don¹t want.'

9. 'A prominent liberal senator, when asked about whether he was a liberal or conservative, he said, ŒNeither one, I¹m a pragmatic progressive.¹ Now, what the hell does that mean?'

10. 'I have days where I¹m in love with everybody, and then some guy gives me the finger on I-10, and I lose it just like that. I can¹t sustain it. My music is better than I am because my music does.'


A. Tulane University professor and activist Lance Hill

B. Anonymous upscale call girl

C. Event promoter James D. 'Disco Donnie' Estopinal Jr.

D. State Rep. Troy Hebert

E. McDonogh 35 alumni and publisher of the Marching Sport Experience Web site, Gerard L. Howard

F. Composer Stephen Dankner

G. Entertainer Earl Turner

H. Circle Bar manager Lefty Parker

I. Former U.S. Sen. George McGovern

J. Performance artist Kathy Randels

ANSWERS: 1E, 2C, 3J, 4B, 5G, 6A, 7H, 8D, 9I, 10F

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