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Who Dat License Plates


  If you just can't get enough of the Saints' miracle season, Rep. Rickey Hardy, D-Lafayette, has just the thing for you. Hardy will push House Bill 55 to create the first prestige license plate in honor of the New Orleans Saints —the "Who Dat Nation" license plate. Hardy's bill calls for a specific design: "The plate shall bear the likeness of the La. Superdome centered on the left side of the license plate and shall display the words 'Who Dat Nation' centered on the bottom of the license plate." The price of the plate would pale in comparison to scoring Saints season tickets, costing a Louisiana driver roughly $3.50 in handling fees. Sen. A.G. Crowe, R-Slidell, is expected to file a bill that takes into account licensing deals with the Saints and the NFL. A recent review of bills pre-filed for the session that begins March 29 did not reveal Crowe's version, but published reports indicate his plate will cost roughly $50 for two years, with proceeds going to a yet-to-be-identified charity. Louisiana already authorizes dozens of prestige plates covering everything from the Special Olympics and coastal conservation to military families and drivers' favorite colleges. Lawmakers have grumbled in recent years about having too many plates, but no one expects controversy over a Saints plate — unless, of course, Crowe and Hardy vie to be the author of the "official" Saints or Who Dat plate. — Jeremy Alford

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