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Whiskey and small plates at Oxalis



  True to its name, the world came to an abrupt end for the restaurant La Fin du Monde, which had a brief run on Magazine Street in the space that formerly housed Cafe Rani. Undaunted, chef Jonathan Lestingi and bar manager Sonali Fernando set their eyes on a spot in Bywater for their latest venture, Oxalis (3162 Dauphine St., 504-782-7346;, which opened Dec. 20.

  Lestingi didn't venture far from the menu at La Fin du Monde. Fans of the former restaurant can find the same Korean bo ssam — pork belly, mushrooms or shrimp served with popcorn rice and kimchi on butter lettuce. Small plates include duck pate, charcuterie and cheese plates, sweet potato poutine, a jar of pickles with kimchi, fries with a pair of sauces and Cajun-spiced buttered rum popcorn. There also are American and Korean-style chicken wings, burgers, steak frites and duck confit. Vegetarian options include cauliflower steak, as well as seasonal vegetables with polenta.

  The drink menu focuses on American whiskey, especially bourbon. Those looking for staples such as Bulleit, Basil Hayden's, Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace will find them on Oxalis' shelf, whiel less expensive offerings include Mellow Corn, Fighting Cock and Old Charter, among others.

  Oxalis opens daily at 4 p.m.

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