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Skate park set to open Oct. 27


  Though it celebrated its opening last month with great fanfare — the return of Lil Wayne to New Orleans, appearances from his famous friends and politicians, a press conference, corporate sponsorship, free pizza — Wayne's Truk Fit skate park in the Lower Ninth Ward Village (1001 Charbonnet St.) is not yet ready to open. Contrary to media reports at the time, the ribbon-cutting event was not a grand opening — or so organizers said last week, when it emerged that the skate park was actually closed during announced operating hours.

  Village director Ward "Mack" McClendon told Gambit the tentative opening date is Oct. 27, and he's working to ensure he can staff the park to open daily.

  The park houses the first tracking solar array in the Gulf South, and the inside park, designed by Make It Right architect Tim Duggan, is made of recycled concrete and no-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint.

  Why did Wayne, an amateur skater, take on the project? "If the slightest little thing is interesting to me, it becomes my world," he told the crowd at last month's opening. "Skateboarding became my world." — Alex Woodward

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