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What’s in store: St. Charles Vision



Surprisingly, St. Charles Vision (citywide; www. is not named after St. Charles Avenue, where its flagship store is located. Founding optometrist Dr. Charles Glaser began his independent practice in 1976 in Boutte, Louisiana in St. Charles Parish — the clinic's namesake.

  For 40 years, St. Charles Vision has stayed competitive by continually modernizing, says Matthew Rosenthal, director of marketing and operations.

  "It's been our goal to innovate and to have the most technologically advanced offices, and to train our staff as well as we possibly can, and to have the best products that are out there," he says. "That's really been the backbone of St. Charles Vision."

  St. Charles Vision has state-of-the-art eye care technology in each of its six locations, from eyewear to diagnostic machinery. The new Optos machines deliver a 200-degree panoramic photo of the back of the patient's retina within minutes, and the image is accessible to doctors and patients.

  "It provides an experience of your own eye and your own health that's completely unprecedented," Rosenthal says.

  St. Charles Vision also offers the latest in multifocal contact lenses, so patients who have been unable to wear single-focus contacts can wear comfortable and convenient disposable lenses.

  Eyezen lenses feature Light Scan technology that filters out 20 percent of blue light emitted by handheld digital devices' LED screens. Eyezen lenses also reduce eye strain caused by viewing screens for periods of time at close range.

  Eyeglass frames get updates, too. Traditional acetate meets titanium trim in lightweight, mixed-media frames, and hinges make normally inflexible wooden frames easy to adjust. Plastic frames feature bright colors and translucence, as well as special details like fleurs-de-lis stamped on the temples.

  With the imaging machines, glossy white counters and reflections cast by hundreds of designer eyeglasses frames on display, the Uptown store looks like an ultra-modern eye clinic. It's a futuristic scene, until the occasional streetcar glides by.

  "We're excited that we've served New Orleans for the last 40 years, and that we will continue doing so," Rosenthal says. "[Our optometrists and staff] will find you a pair of glasses that you love and that works for you. They will take the time to get you the product and service that you need."

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