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What's in store: PHINA

The boutique expands



Consider the new 400-square-foot boutique on Magazine Street a curated alcove of PHINA (3013 Magazine St., 504-510-5777; 3717 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 504-888-4141;, the newly rebranded store of sisters Jessica Woodward and Jenny McGuinness. The sisters and their mother, Linda Dalton, recently acquired their second store.

 PHINA carries gifts for all occasions: baby showers, birthday parties and housewarmings. The store also encourages a "treat yourself" mentality — there are earrings and other accessories so shoppers can pick up a little something for themselves while shopping for loved ones.

 The 3000 block of Magazine Street is filled with stores and restaurants, providing significant foot traffic from locals and visitors. This was ideal for PHINA because the owners were trying to attract new customers after completing renovations on their flagshipstore in Metairie.

 "In March I saw the space on Magazine Street and called immediately," McGuinness says. "We always wanted to do a second store and expand to New Orleans, and the location was perfect and the property turnkey."

 Because the property was move-in-ready, the partners were spared more renovation. The space is decorated in white, a color scheme that makes shopping and browsing less busy in the small quarters.

 For almost 20 years, Dalton operated the Metairie store as Paradise Cafe and Gifts. After her daughters came on board and rebrandedthe store, the aesthetic became more modern.

 "The Metairie store is on property where my family owned and operated a bowling alley from 1959-1995," McGuiness says. Her father serves as bookkeeper and historian for the family business, and points to the custom sales desk constructed from pieces of the old bowling alley.

 "My mom had the store here from 1996 until 2016," McGuinness says, noting that the bulk of the building is now a Barnes & Noble. "In August of last year we closed for about eight weeks and renovated." Notable changes include turning the kitchen into a storeroom and updating the retail space with new floors and lighting.

 The 4,000-square-foot Metairie location still sells the shop's signature item — a white fleur-de-lis platter, and the family still fills store shelves with merchandise from local designers and artists.

 PHINA, named after the sisters' great grandmother Josephine, is all about spreading love.

 "We've always been a very close family, but having the opportunity to work together, and for my sister and I to collaborate with my mom, has been so much fun," McGuinness says. "It's truly a family business."

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