What the media say about GIVERS


American Songwriter

"... while Vampire Weekend seems polished and refined, befitting the band members' Ivy League roots and reputation, GIVERS is a decidedly uncouth explosion of joy, their scrubby, skinned knee musicianship jibing beautifully with their facepainted disco flower child mentality."


"The quintet display an incredible talent for their Louisiana indie-folk style moving from its bright, charismatic rhythms to its slow, tranquil moments."


"... In Light, their official debut, fortunately transcends their transparent inspirations the old-fashioned way: by twisting the nuances of their heroes into a pretzel, paying homage by taking others' good ideas and going someplace new."


"Everything sparkles — bubbly beats, luminous guitars and synths, and most of all, the exuberant voices of Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson (who apparently have unfettered access to happy meds)."

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