What people are saying about Patricia Clarkson


"I was just floored by that performance. Then I compared it with others and realized that it was indeed the same actress. She simply has an amazing ability to remake herself from role to role."

-- Todd Haynes, director, Far From Heaven, in W magazine

"My jaw dropped. Because she was such a fine actress, so astonishing. She had the whole snarky German lesbian thing down without any direction. ... Yeah, on the set, she didn't want to switch gears. She just walked around in that creepy German haze the whole time and we just left her alone."

-- Lisa Cholodenko, director, High Art, in the Los Angeles Times

"She looked really weird. It was part Romanian, part Anna Magnani and part something she made up. I just fell in love with her. Then I said something inappropriate like, 'Let's offer this (part) to her now!'"

Ally Sheedy, co-star, High Art, in The New York Times

"She's smart, she's sexy, and she's utterly unafraid to make an ugly choice, to make a bold choice -- and that makes her a great, great actor."

Peter Hedges, writer-director, Pieces of April, in Entertainment Weekly

"She's always been a deeper talent than you would have expected. Back when we were out of drama school, the young, pretty girl existed mostly to prove the guy was straight. Patty didn't necessarily do that. There's something about her that's more interesting and perverse and there always has been. She was always capable of playing fluffy, but she's so not."

-- Richard Greenberg, playwright, former Yale classmate, in the Los Angeles Times

"All the roles are completely different and she's good in every single one! She is not known as a personality because she morphs into each character. It's wonderful that in her early forties, she should finally be getting the recognition she deserves."

-- John Cooper, director of programming, Sundance Film Festival

"Indeed, the sly sexual undercurrent in her performances is a big part of Clarkson's appeal, a dimension that infuses her astonishingly wide range of characters."

-- Juliana Sohn, writer, W magazine

"I call Patty when I get stage fright. I call her to calm me down. She helps me through a lot of actor's stuff. I would love to do something on stage with her. She really takes stage, as they say. She knows how to get into it."

-- Sam Rockwell, actor/co-star, Welcome to Collinwood, in the Los Angeles Times

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