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What is a total hip replacement?


Total hip replacement, sometimes called hip arthroplasty or hip hemiarthroplasty, is a surgical procedure by which all or part of a patient’s damaged or diseased hip joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint. Artificial joints are typically comprised of four parts: a socket (usually metal), which mimics the patient’s real socket; a socket liner, which protects the new joint and allows it to move smoothly; a metal or ceramic ball, which acts like the rounded end of the thigh bone and a metal bar that attaches to the thigh bone.

Good candidates for the surgery tend to be those who have tried other treatments but the pain from their damaged or diseased joints continues to limit movement and interfere with everyday activities. Osteoarthritis in the hip joint is the most common reason total hip replacement is recommended, but physicians also recommend it for those who suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteonecrosis (because of a lack of blood supply, the bone in the head of the thigh bone begins to die), bone tumors or injury to the hip joint.

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