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8 Invitations that will make your guests say “I Do"

Things to consider when selecting wedding invitations



Laser-cut lace, pops of color, blinged out or sweet and simple ... who would have thought shopping for invitations could be as exciting as shopping for your wedding dress?

  There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to the perfect wedding invitation. First, give yourself plenty of time to choose. Many invitations come with features like envelope liners, foldable panels, colors, textures and different styles of typography. Card printing shops will have a large selection of samples binders filled with different styles. It's a good idea to bring along Post-It notes or something else to mark your favorites.

  Also consider whether you want to use thank-you notes, RSVP and save-the-date cards and plan accordingly. Some card shops also can make programs to inform your guests of the activity schedule for the week or weekend of your wedding.

  Last, check and double-check that all names, times and addresses are correct on the printed invitation. Invitations should be ordered six months in advance.

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