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Shop Dog: Weezie at Second Skin Intimate Apparel



In an Old Metairie Village lingerie shop amid an assortment of delicate undergarments and pajamas, a black pug with a ferocious underbite gazes intently out the window at passersby. She's not as fierce as she looks, however. "We just say she's smiling," owner Ericka Frey says.

  Named after the character from the television sitcom The Jeffersons, Weezie is employed by Second Skin Intimate Apparel (701 Metairie Road, Metairie, 322-2931). Frey received Weezie as a birthday gift from her husband when Weezie was about 7 weeks old. Now approaching 10 years old, gray-muzzled Weezie shows no signs of retiring from her job, though her arthritis has slowed her down a little.

  "We call her a little maw-maw. In the morning, if she isn't ready to get up, she doesn't get up," Frey says.

  When she's feeling social, Weezie greets customers and sometimes even provides assistance in the dressing rooms. Frequent breaks in her cozy pink bed keep Weezie on her game during busy workdays, and she loves soaking up the sun when nice weather permits Frey to leave the shop's front door open.

  Weezie enjoys her breakfast, lunch and dinner. "She eats whatever we eat, from tomatoes to Skittles," Frey says. "She'll even eat salad — not many dogs eat salad — but she doesn't eat the mushrooms."

  A healthy meal like salad calls for a tasty dessert. Weezie's favorites include ice cream and yogurt. "She'll walk around with that yogurt cup in her mouth until she gets every last drop from inside," Frey says.

  After a full day of handling customers, Weezie recognizes the distinct sound of quitting time. As soon as Frey finishes her end-of-day routine, Weezie perks up and readies herself for the ride home. "When I settle the credit cards, she knows what time it is," Frey says.

  Once home, Weezie relaxes with her favorite toy, a stuffed owl inherited from Hootie, her late older sister.

  When not at the store with Ericka, Weezie is a Daddy's girl. "She's a little traitor," Frey says. "She's with me all day, and she wants to be by her dad (my husband)when we get home." Weezie will sometimes request a day off from Second Skin for a change of pace, spending the day with her "dada."

  Frey opened Second Skin in May 2009 to give women access to a wide range of lingerie lines including Betsey Johnson, Le Mystere, OnGossamer and Elle MacPherson. "Every woman needs (her) intimates," Frey says. "All the bras are basic boutique lines, and the quality speaks for itself. Whether you buy a $30 bra or an $80 bra, they are all good quality items."

  With spring fast approaching, new pajama collections are arriving in the store. Along with breezy fabrics and fun prints, the warm weather may also usher in many more open-door days when Weezie will bask in the sunlight. "She loves open door day," Frey say. "She just will sit right there."

My Favorite Things:

My stuffed owl

People food, especially ice cream and yogurt

"Open Door Day"

Going for rides

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