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Wear + where: Trey Bryan, artist

Dirty Linen Night


You went to Ringling College of Art & Design for illustration, but now you focus on drawing and painting. Do you consider yourself an illustrator or a painter? I would say I'm a fine artist before an illustrator, because I'm developing my own content. For me, all the fun in a job like editorial illustration is getting the job, meeting publishers and eavesdropping at bars where I know they'll be. I've always loved drawing and painting from life, because then I get to experience what I'm drawing and painting, too.

Has moving to New Orleans changed your practice? I'm definitely better at my craft, getting to spend all day out on the Royal Street fence and thriving off the energy. Here, every day and all day, any artist of any trade or specialty has the ability to sell [their work]. And that's a huge difference [from other cities], because once you start making sales with your artwork, you get to do a lot more.

Where's your favorite place to work? I just like to go out and draw life happening. Musicians, performers and even just people out and about, doing their thing. It almost feels like combat drawing.

Do you try to go unnoticed? Definitely, because once people know you're drawing them, they change.

How did you land a spot in Elliott Gallery on Royal Street? [It's] my favorite gallery in town for sure, as far as the work goes. Every time I went in there, [the owner, Catherine Martens Betz, and I] would start talking about art. Eventually, I showed her my drawings, and she asked if she could sell them at Elliott for me. The next day she sold three of them, and it just kept happening like that.

You're wearing a hat now — would you say hats are one of your style staples? Yeah, I think so. I've definitely been wearing this wide brimmed Goorin Bros. hat a lot lately. And the shoes I'm wearing are some of my favorites, too. They're handmade in the Yucatan, and the bottoms are actually made out of old tires.

Are you going to wear your recycled white linen for Dirty Linen Night? Probably, but I'll have to get some (in the first place). I like the Bargain Center [on Dauphine Street]. I don't usually go shopping but just happen upon things that I like. I have a lot of old stuff, like a Levi's jacket I found in New York, and am usually rocking an all-black look, just to keep things simple.

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