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Wear + where: musician and actor Calvin Johnson Jr.


Tell us about yourself. I'm a third-generation New Orleans musician. My roots run deep here. [I] have been fortunate enough to perform and record with superstars like Harry Connick Jr. ... and Trombone Shorty. I've been told that I have a recycled soul (because) I've always hung around older cats.

How do you describe your personal style? My style is timeless. I go for the more conservative look. I choose to be flashy only with accent pieces like watches, belts and socks. I like clean-cut with a little hipness to it.

Who is your style icon? There are a lot of brothers that dress fly: Will Smith, for example. His clothes are always fitted — not the bubble gum fashions or fads. Like him, [I want clothes] I can wear from the Mother-in-Law Lounge to Buckingham Palace. Roger Lewis of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band ... he's got some threads that make you mad.

Has your music influenced your personal style? Yes, 100 percent. My sec- ond album is titled Native Son, to show New Orleans' native (musical) language. The songbook is 1920s to latter 1940s jazz. I like to dress in a timeless way like that repertoire.

Any style tips on dressing for Voodoo? Style is really contingent on the weather. I would say wear comfortable shoes, possibly a boot ... because (tennis shoes) don't go well with dirt and mud. Wear pants, because at night it can get pretty cool. With shirts, I would layer — sle- eveless tank as a foundation with a T-shirt and a long-sleeve you can take off and throw over your shoulder if it gets warm. And for festivals, I prefer hats over sunglasses.

What do you plan to wear? I'm going to wear slate and black (Shearwater) boots. I have some killin' tweed pants — modern fit with a straight leg — with some vintage chocolate brown, thin suspenders. I always rock an iconic New Orleans T-shirt ... and then I'm going to wear a white collared overshirt with the sleeves rolled up. I've got a great two-toned Kangol-style hat.

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