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Wear + where: Anna Schaefer, owner of Angle Events

What the former Carnival queen wears at Mardi Gras



Your event planning company, Angle Events, recently was highlighted in Vogue magazine for a wedding you designed. The bride proclaimed you know everyone in New Orleans. Is that true?

I'm a little more humble than that. I was born and raised here – I made my debut here, and have lived here for the last eight years after moving away briefly. I'm involved in lots of civic-minded events and I work lots of fundraisers. Being a child here and having a career here are two different things – I think I know both sides of the city that way.

Tell us about being Queen of Carnival.

That was just one part of my growing up here – it was an honor. I was the last queen to have her coronation in the Municipal Auditorium [the ball was moved after Hurricane Katrina], which was special. So many people were bending over backward to make things run smoothly and to make it a wonderful experience, and that gives me real perspective and appreciation in my work as an event planner.

What was your wardrobe like when you were queen? What is it like now?

My wardrobe was and is about having staples – investing in a few pieces that you can wear different ways. I may have to go from hauling things around a warehouse to a lunch meeting with a soon-to-be bride. My wardrobe is very flexible but stylish. I do wear lots of leggings though. I can make a pair of yoga pants work in a lot of different ways. I also wear a lot of classic black dresses.

What's your favorite place to shop?

Eros in Mandeville. [Their buyer has] a great eye for things, like sturdy dresses, sweaters and transitional jackets.

Where are you going this Carnival season?

To work! This tends to be a busy season for us, but I'll be going to parades with my family, and to a luncheon or two ... but mostly I'll be dressing casual.

What are you planning to wear?

I picked out a relaxed sweater blazer from Vince. (which I got at Eros) and Tory Burch boots, over a classic black cotton top and denim. I love Vince. – their sweaters and jackets are very wearable, and Tory Burch makes comfortable footwear. They're my go-to shoes. My earrings and necklace are from Eugenie ( A family friend started the line, and her jewelry is very elegant and unique because she only makes a few of each. It's great to be able to support a local artist, and her designs make really great gifts.

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