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Wade in the Water


Wade in the Water is one of the treasures salvaged from the wake of the levee failures. Filmmakers Elizabeth Wood and Gabriel Nussbaum moved to New Orleans to work with students in reopened public schools. They equipped students at Singleton Charter School in Central City with video cameras in order for them to tell their own stories. The two then edited that work into a remarkable look at the students' lives that delves far below the surface of Katrina wreckage. There are raw and candid scenes of young people talking about their families, preparing for the LEAP test, and violence and guns in their neighborhoods " from fear to bragging about gun ownership. One girl takes viewers on a tour of her house that interrupts her brother cleaning two pistols, and he relishes posing with the guns held up. Their stories touch on everything from families living in crowded FEMA trailers to coping with the stress of rebuilding to graduating from eighth grade and having a school dance. Through some of the bounce of hand-held cams and fuzz of their audio, the kids record a vivid portrait of their otherwise daily lives in a toxically mixed up time and place, and it documents the extraordinary efforts made to get a school open in fall 2005. The film screens in the New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival. Tickets $8. — Will Coviello

7 p.m. Fri., April 18

Prytania Theatre, 5339 Prytania St., 827-5858;


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