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Vivian Girls


Vivian Girls lives in its own time-space continuum. With only two albums — 2008's self-titled debut and September follow-up Everything Goes Wrong (In the Red) — the Brooklyn trio forged an aesthetic that sits at the intersection of four decades: girl-group '50s pop, Nuggets-inspired '60s psychedelia, economical '70s punk and distorted '80s garage rock. Its touring regimen is just as restless, taking the band from Europe to Japan to Australia to Puerto Rico in the past year alone. "I would estimate that we are on tour half the time," says singer/songwriter Cassie Ramone, who met bassist Kickball Katy at a high school Weezer concert. Their October visit to San Juan was accompanied by accidental-yet-appropriate pyrotechnics: an explosive, Richter-registering oil fire at the Caribbean Petroleum Corp. "That happened while we were playing a show," Ramone says. "It took us eight hours to get to a show two hours away, and then there were only five other people there." The Girls' response? Play louder. "We all got really drunk," Ramone shrugs. Wet Dog and Happy Birthday open. Tickets $5. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

March 23

Vivian Girls

10 p.m. Tuesday

Circle Bar, 1032 St. Charles Ave., 588-2616


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