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Vitter's 10 reasons the government shutdown isn't bad

Senator's office posts Top 10 list


  "Top Ten Reasons the Government Shutdown Isn't All Bad" wasn't a David Letterman list — it was one on the minority leader's page on the U.S. Senate Committee on the Environment & Public Works. Who is the minority leader on that committee? None other than U.S. Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana, and his name was peppered throughout the list, touting legislation he'd proposed, supported or passed.

  Among the reasons the shutdown wasn't so bad: "Fewer bureaucrats at the EPA makes it less likely that they'll make up science on new regulations" and "Far-left environmentalists prove themselves hypocrites again: They criticize continuing oil and gas production on federal lands during the shutdown but issue no call to halt wind turbines."

  Of course, the government wasn't entirely shut down; someone on the taxpayers' payroll had to make that list and post it for Vitter. — KEVIN ALLMAN

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