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The newest fall denim looks vibrant, sturdy and sweet on a farm or the street


On the cover: Sweater, $98, jeans, $189, both at Gae-Tana's; boots, $59 at Armoire; Alkemie serpent cuff, $209 at Haute Boutique.

Store Information

Abeille NOLA (8438 Oak St., 504-324-3488;

Armoire (4222 Magazine St., 504-304-3537;

Gae-Tana's (7732 Maple St., 504-865-9625;

Haute Boutique (725 Magazine St., 504-522-8687;

Swap (115 Metairie Road, Metairie; 7716 Maple St., 504-304-6025;


Krista Simoneaux

Hair and Makeup Artist

Nehaya Yatak (504-912-6158; for Hair Loft (5300 Tchoupitoulas St., 504-895-2911;

Stylist/Artistic director

Missy Wilkinson

Shoot assistant

Angela Hernandez

Special thanks to Leslie Kramer and the entire staff at Equest Farm (1001 Filmore Ave., 504-483-9398; for hosting our photo shoot.

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